We’ve provided our client - Eurolec - with a range of sales tools to help promote their internationally famous Powerlite brand of high-performance automotive products.


Eurolec is a leading supplier of high-performance rotating electrics for classic, performance, competition and kit cars. They are also a proud British manufacturer with all their products made (or refurbished) to world-class standards, right here in the Black Country, West Midlands.

We continue to enjoy the challenge of helping them to promote their wide range of specialised alternators, dynamos and starter motors - not just to a national agent network, but to the retail sector and the US export market.

We’ve designed and produced a diverse range of eye-catching solutions to meet their wide-ranging requirements - all with the vehicle enthusiast and high-performance industry in mind.

As well as carrying out product photography, we have created corporate sales brochures, flyers, posters, and point of sale leaflet dispensers.

And when Eurolec embarked on a promotional tour of the United States with the Porsche Club of the USA, we designed and produced a series of bespoke pop-up bannerstands and mini desktop banners.