• Project Overview

    EM Inspection Co. Ltd is a well-established specialist in non-destructive surface testing. A successful business spanning seven decades, the East Midlands firm felt it was time for a fresh new image to help raise the profile and drive towards opportunities in new market areas.

    We were able to provide a complete makeover, starting with the creation of branding before moving on to a contemporary website and sales literature.

    For the logo, we used an eye-catching colour scheme - a vivid green to represent the colour of the fluorescent penetrant fluid and purple to echo the ultra-violet light which is used in the inspection process.

    The website design is a good example of how a highly technical site can be vibrant and visually appealing.

    The site incorporates a large number of pages covering multiple products and services so it was important to use dropdowns to aid navigation without over-cluttering the main menu.

    It also includes a random eye test generator which clients can use to download and print test charts in pdf format.

    With the online presence in place, we then moved on to promotional leaflets to create awareness of the website and stimulate enquiries from key markets. We used short run digital print so that smaller batches of recipients could be targeted cost-effectively.

    It’s always pleasing to be able to support our clients with items that cover multiple disciplines in order to provide a unified and integrated solution - and that means less hassle for them as well!

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    Services provided

    • Branding
    • Website design and development
    • Leaflet design and short run print
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