• Project Overview

    When a leading local brewery and pub chain - Black Country Ales - asked us to design labels for their latest mouth-watering creations we were only too pleased to help.

    We designed two distinctively different branded labels that reflect not only the superior taste and quality of the beer spirit that BCA have painstakingly produced, but also the rich heritage of the area in which they were developed.

    Even with the finest products you can never under-estimate the value of good packaging and we endeavoured to create labels that would appeal to the discerning buyer as well as looking great among any connoisseur’s collection.

    Laser cutting allows us to design intricately cut shapes that would never have been possible using traditional tools. It also means that short runs of as little as 200 are cost effective as there is no tooling set-up involved.

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    Techniques + Processes

    • Bespoke, laser-cut labels
    • Linen lamination for textured finish
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