• Project Overview

    App development is often a notoriously expensive, long-winded process. But Charles Design has developed what we call a "hybrid" app, combining all the benefits of a typical business mobile app but using a web-based approach to offer effective, hand-held sales tools at a fraction of the usual cost.

    We have recently completed just such a project for leading filtration specialists Bowman Stor for their SEPURA™ product range. With more users wanting genuine SEPURA-branded units, the app allows them to find the right product for their needs by simply searching for their current manufacturer. The application also includes an easy-to-use oil/water calculator which helps establish the right size of filtration unit for their compressor system.

    Why have a Charles Design app?

    • Very cost-effective
    • Offers most of the functionality that a traditional product or service-based app can provide
    • Easy to update without resubmitting to the App Store and Play Store for approval
    • Created by web designers - so it looks good as well as being functional
    • We can create all the tools you need to promote your app

    Do you have a product range or service that would benefit from an app? It’s easier than you think!

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  • Services Provided

    • Design and build
    • Creation of ads for within the app
    • Promotional items for your app
    • Coding of special features such as product calculators
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