• Funicular

    Fun is the key word for this award-winning theatrical dining experience which takes place in a luxury railway carriage in Pedley Street Station, London. We produced an authentic-looking period newspaper to intrigue and entertain the prospective passengers using sepia tones and appropriate typography to suit the atmospheric 1920’s location. We also created a merchandise flyer, designed to entice the customer and reflect the style and mood of the event.

    We hope these are just the start of a great journey on the Murder Express.

    If you are interested in joining in the fun you can book tickets from Funicular's website

    Lunar by Niall Keating

    With a Michelin star chef at the helm, this premium restaurant required a high-quality leaflet to promote its exceptional cuisine and unique dining experience. We used deep, luxuriant hues and punchy accent colours to help promote the wow factor of both food and location, showcasing carefully-chosen and seductive images.

    An out-of the-ordinary-shape and fold, combined with a high quality uncoated material complete a look and feel which complement Lunar’s sumptuous and adventurous approach.

    And, if you want to make a reservation at the amazing Lunar Restaurant, visit www.lunarwedgwood.com

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