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Photography is a vital component of many printed or digital marketing materials and the quality of the image can make the difference between a professional-looking, effective marketing collateral and something which looks cheap, ill-considered and reflects poorly on your business.

Charles Design provide photographic services for websites, brochures, catalogues, mailers, digital or press adverts, exhibition graphics, packaging, PR, and much more.

Some product photography can be carried out in-house but we commission, organize and manage professional photography to ensure that you get the best possible images for your project.

We have connections with a range of professional photographers with specialist skills in both location and studio photography. Because we work with clients in a diverse range of market sectors, we have experience in a broad spectrum of subject matter and photographic styles.

We are also able to offer professional retouch/image manipulation services to enhance your photographs and prepare them for use in marketing collateral.


  • Architectural and construction industry photography
  • Industrial photography
  • Interior photography
  • Location and site photography
  • Product/studio photography