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Corporate Folders

A corporate folder combines the visual and tactile appeal of a sales brochure with the practical advantages of a folder that can carry detailed product or service information.

Talk to our design team about your requirements to find the best type of folder for you.


Our experienced graphic design team can create a unique design tailored to your specific market and requirements. Most folders are designed to carry A4 leaflets but other formats can be produced and we can accommodate multiple inserts or brochures by adding extra capacity. Depending on the design, the pockets can be in a variety of shapes or sizes and can also be used to display business cards. As with most printed items a range of materials and finishes is available for the production of corporate folders.

We can design and produce your inserts for you as well, to ensure they have the same look and feel as the folder. We can also produce stepped inserts so that the top of each leaflet or brochure is visible and can be easily identified – ideal for a range of products or services that you want to display in a specific order.

  • Practical, attractive presentation of documents, leaflets or promotional materials
  • Folders allow you to customize the contents for individual clients
  • Good shelf-life - you can simply add or replace individual inserts when required