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Coverack Holiday Cottage

It was a great pleasure to create a website for this beautiful holiday cottage in Cornwall - a real break from the norm.

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We always love the challenge of designing for a different market sector. We used a minimalist style and fresh “on-trend” colours and typography to achieve a look which strikes the right balance between modern aesthetics and the sense of traditional quality.

We recognised that, with this kind of business, it's the pictures that play a big part in selling the venue to potential holidaymakers and so the overall structure and approach is geared around showcasing the superb “lifestyle”photography. Image carousels have been used to cycle through an array of room scenes and location shots to engage the viewer.

Of course a holiday website needs to be user-friendly too in this highly competitive market. We built a bespoke response form which allows visitors to check availability and send an enquiry about their specific needs.

The website might seem miles away from your own day-to-day operation but there is no reason why we can’t make your products or services look just as welcoming and dynamic.