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Multifactor Europe

We redesigned this extensive online catalogue to make it more contemporary and easier to use whilst retaining the basic contents and page structure.

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Multifactor Europe is a leading UK supplier of industrial and compressor filtration products. The client had an established website with a regular customer base. They were also happy with the overall content of the site which provided good search engine ranking for key products. With a new logo in place, it was necessary to give the website a complete makeover to maintain a strong affinity with the latest branding.

We gave the website a brand new look and feel using the corporate colours. The home page focuses on the main product lines, highlights the client’s unique selling points and leads potential buyers to the products they require via easy navigation or a search option. We kept the previous page titles for search engine purposes and imported the existing product database and images.

This website is a good example of how a client can obtain a new website without the hassle of preparing new content or worrying about re-entering data - we managed the whole process. In this particular case, online sales function was not required so, once a user has identified a product, they can simply send an enquiry via the website. This is an ideal solution for firms with multiple or changing price structures and where direct client contact is preferred.