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Brierley Hill Crystal

Providing a contemporary sales tool for a traditional industry, we were thrilled to work with this long-established client.

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We are always happy to produce work in support of the world-renowned local glass industry and, having worked with Brierley Hill Crystal for a number of years, we welcomed the chance to enhance and update their existing website.

The latest incarnation includes all the features of our modular e-commerce system, providing a great experience for both visitors and the website’s administrators..

Created with a mobile-first approach, the new site has helped to establish a modern outlet for a company that still employs traditional craftsmanship to produce its popular range of products. Using a clear and minimal design approach, we’ve aimed to make it as easy as possible to search and browse through the vast variety of crystal glassware housed on the site.

The client can also add their own products and categories via our user-friendly content management system, as well as promoting special offers on the home page.

Alongside great photography, the client has the option to include video, helping to engage a wider audience and providing an extra aid to finding the business online.

In addition, Brierley Hill Crystal made use of our search engine optimisation services, helping to improve their search engine rankings for key product lines. This was achieved this through both off-site and on-site work and by creating new copy based around some of the primary keywords.

The end result is a highly successful online shop attracting large numbers of visitors and generating orders from all over the country.