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Black Country Ales

Having worked with successful local brewery and pub chain Black Country Ales for many years we relished the challenge of creating their new website.

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Our brief was to design and build a site that would meet all the demands of the target audience whilst maintaining a traditional look and feel.

The textures, colour schemes, and fonts we used were carefully chosen to complement the style of current promotional materials as well as reflecting the pure, back-to-basics ethos of the company.

The site needed to engage with beer enthusiasts as well as potential new customers. This meant showcasing BCA’s fine range of ales whilst also providing a variety of essential details about the pubs and the brewery. We incorporated a number of special features to make the website more interesting and informative for all types of visitor. These include a dynamic timeline and team page, and an events section which allows the client to add forthcoming attractions.

As well as designing and developing every aspect of the website, we carried out all of the photography used throughout the project. Naturally this involved the enviable task of visiting the thirty plus pubs owned by the brewery, taking pictures inside and out.