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EM Inspection

We created a new brand identity and responsive website for this innovative technical business.

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Our client is a specialist in the provision of non-destructive testing (NDT) services, equipment and calibration.

Quite often, companies that provide vital, technical B2B services rely on reputation to gain new enquiries but E M Inspection had the vision to recognise that they needed to take things to a new level to help grow the business and expand their customer base.

The first thing we did was to create a logo for the business. We used an eye-catching colour scheme with the green specifically chosen to represent the colour of the fluorescent penetrant fluid under ultra-violet light (which is represented by the purple).

The website design is a good example of how a highly technical site can be vibrant and visually appealing.

The site incorporates a large number of pages covering multiple products and services so it was important to use dropdowns to aid navigation without over-cluttering the main menu.

Vision Test Charts are a requirement of the NDT industry and one special feature of the website is a random test generator which clients can use to download and print test charts in pdf format.

With the online presence firmly established, we are now continuing to support our client with the development of sales literature to help stimulate further enquiries.